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2020-03-13: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down very soon. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep ASAP

Summary Software design tools
Owner(s) jrobbins


Software design is the bridge from requirements to implementation. Design decisions (including architecture) are the highest level solution-oriented decisions made in the entire software development process. As such, they have huge implications on the stages that follow.

This category hosts tools that help developers design software.


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Project name Summary
argoadml ArgoUML module to describe software architectures using ADML
argoeclipse Eclipse plugin for UML design using ArgoUML
argoperformance A Plugin to add and analyse performances into ArgoUML
argopno Argouml module featuring PetriNets
argoprint Generating printable view of ArgoUML models
argoscript ArgoUML code generator module , based on scripting language
argosoffice Star/OpenOffice plugin for ArgoUML
argospe A Software Performance Engineering Tool
argouml A UML design tool with cognitive support
argouml-actionscript3 ActionScript 3 for ArgoUML
argouml-ada Ada support for ArgoUML
argouml-andromda Plugin to ArgoUML for running AndroMDA
argouml-atl Integration of the ATL model transformation engine in ArgoUML
argouml-c C support in ArgoUML
argouml-ca Catalan localization for ArgoUML
argouml-cpp C++ support in ArgoUML
argouml-csharp C# support in ArgoUML
argouml-db Database Modeling Tool
argouml-de German localization of ArgoUML
argouml-delphi Delphi support in ArgoUML
argouml-documentation User documentation for ArgoUML.
argouml-downloads Downloads of ArgoUML
argouml-en-gb British English support in ArgoUML
argouml-enki Provide an Enki/Hibernate repository for ArgoUML
argouml-es Spanish localization for ArgoUML