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Summary Software design tools
Owner(s) jrobbins


Software design is the bridge from requirements to implementation. Design decisions (including architecture) are the highest level solution-oriented decisions made in the entire software development process. As such, they have huge implications on the stages that follow.

This category hosts tools that help developers design software.


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Project name Summary
argouml-sql SQL support in ArgoUML
argouml-stats Publishing of results of static checks and nightly builds
argouml-sv Swedish localization for ArgoUML
argouml-tr Turkish Localization of ArgoUML
argouml-xhb xHarbour support in ArgoUML
argouml-xtuml Work in ArgoUML to support xtuml
argoumlinstaller Packaging ArgoUML
aspectes Aspect-oriented Programming Framework for ECMAScript
blacksmith IDE for embedded development on ARM based systems.
bosco A JMI-compliant template-based code generator.
contempro Process modelling for context-aware systems
dynamicdom Dynamic DOM adds dynamism to XML using XRules business rules.
easyobjects An ORM architecture based on the Microsoft Enterprise Library
eclipsedotnet An extensible, integrated tools platform for the CLR (.NET/Mono)
ermodeller Database designer built in Java
ezdocbook Simple DocBook Compiler
fina-generator An adaption of the design pattern of FluentInterfaces
frameworx J2EE framework, Java build mechanism
giant Graph Interface to ANT
j3dbuilder Java 3D scene builder
leo Literate editor with outlines
libemu A library to help the developing of new emulators.
maven-argo2modello-plugin Maven 2 plugin to convert ArgoUML files to Modello model files
medea Pragmatic MDA framework based on XSLT
modelicode Modelica to execution code translator