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Summary Software design tools
Owner(s) jrobbins


Software design is the bridge from requirements to implementation. Design decisions (including architecture) are the highest level solution-oriented decisions made in the entire software development process. As such, they have huge implications on the stages that follow.

This category hosts tools that help developers design software.


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Project name Summary
myxaml Xml defined user interface generator
nspec A Behaviour Specification Framework for .Net
oclparse OCL 2.0 expressions processor in a conceptual modeling environme
openenterprisex An integrated distribution to ease/accelerate Java/J2EE dev.
openetl OpenETL - A java based ETL tool for DW, Olap & BI
openmde OpenMDE is a framework for model-driven engineering on the JavaEE platform.
openmodel UML Action Semantics for Executable UML
openteamsystem Open Source System much like MS Team System for VS2005
ovid Metamorphoses for Software-Engineers --- Reengineering Tools
pet-msit-07 This is the software engineering foundation course project.
plastic UML Modeling Tool
pnguyen Paul Nguyen's Research Project
prism Model-driven architecture tool for converting UML models to Java
raindance Raindance is an open-source tool for UML design.
readyset Ready-to-use Software Engineering Templates
readysetsphinx ReadySET for Sphinx
realmforge Cross-platform 3D game framework and toolset for .NET in C#
refactorator C++ editing and refactoring tool
reloadcms Heavy modular, light Content Management System without DB usage
roguestate A lightweight software modeling tool for (nested) UML statechart
sde SDE (Sand Development Environment) Generic IDE Framework
secma User friendly open source content management system
seeds Projects that are less mature
servmon A php script for monitoring server status.
silvertejp ASCII UML class diagram powered MDA